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Halloween Nights comic pt 1 by Qvi
Halloween Nights comic pt 1

Hey all! Guess what, I have made a 7 page long comic entry for TDA's Halloween event (… )and had those pages divided into two deviations. This is the first part with the first 3 pages.

Here's the second part with the last 4 pages:…

I hope you guys enjoy the comic! :D Happy (belated?) Halloween!

Tiamath and Hades contestant app:…
Damion and Coral spectator app:…

Tiamath, Hades, Damion, Coral (Q) Qvi
TDA: Fanservice Friday Lolita by Qvi
TDA: Fanservice Friday Lolita

2nd Fanservice Friday submission, the theme was Lolita this time. Also, obviously this is just a fun pic and this didn't actually happen as per storywise (I tried to think up something but couldn't. Oops?)

Digital Cookies if you get the reference (it's not hard if you have seen a certain season). And if you get the reference, see what I did there? *winkitywonk*

Tiamath, Hades, Coral (Q) Qvi
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Hi all!

Seems like I am really good at forgetting about my journal for almost half a year... oh well, here's an update for those who are interested!

:bulletgreen:Table of contents: :bulletgreen:

I. About me
II. About DA groups
III. About art projects and commissions
IV. About gaming

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:I. About me:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

I guess I am doing well, nothing particularly interesting happened since I got engaged apart from the engagement lunches and us changing our lodging.

We had two engagement lunches, one at Baja with my relatives and one at Kaskantyú with my fiance's relatives. Both were awesome and by the 2nd lunch we also got our wedding rings (who would have thought that the engagement ring isn't enough but you also have to spend a smaller fortune on a pair of golden wedding rings :T We didn't know but whatever...).

As for the new lodging, the new place is awesome and we both like it here a lot. Originally we wanted to buy our own house after the wedding but even with saving up and gathering money from the big day we still wouldn't have enough base money for a loan high enough to afford a nice house (by nice I mean an average row house preferably with a small garden. Not a castle but not some shanty in ruins either). Plus our old landlord kept bringing people interested in buying our old lodging and who knew when they would have found someone and throw us out. We didn't want any of that and found this better (bigger, cheaper and in the city centre too) place instead. Things went a little rough with the old landlord on the last day but hopefully we won't have any more business with them anymore. What matters is that we have a nice place this time and the new landlord is a family friend too, so we can take our time saving up for that loan/house while staying here for a few years.

Before we moved out however, one of my dear American friends whom I have known since 2007 came to visit us (well, actually he was visiting his Hungarian girlfriend and I just happened to be in the same country lol xD) and it was a most awesome day! It was really fun to meet him and his girlfriend in person and I cooked them Fisherman's Soup a la Baja :D There was also a Molehill cake he enjoyed a lot. I really hope he will come to Hungary again soon and we can have another awesome day like that! More on this here on Facebook:…

Hmm what else to say.... I'll have to start looking for a new job soon because...well, long story cut short: The company I work for is stationed in Baja where my family lives but their office was undergoing some huge renovation so me, their graphics designer couldn't work there so I could work from home. Meanwhile my boyfriend (this was last spring/summer) found an awesome job opportunity at the Mercedes Factory in Kecskemét, and after he was sure this was a good decision (he had to undergo a probation time) we both moved to Kecskemét to that old lodging mentioned above, since my job was mobile. Stuff happened, we got engaged, moved places but we are still at Kecskemét. However, the renovation will finish soon and the graphics designer will have to be there in person, which is a little problematic for me since I am now bound to Kecskemét. Therefore when my contract expires in a few months, I will have to look for another job here. Luckily we live in the city centre now and there are like 3 graphics designer companies within 2-4 streets from here (and these are just the ones that we have found thus far). While there is no guarantee that one of these will be looking for a graphics designer, I will try my luck and submit my resume in all of these, so wish me luck!

Obligatory pet news: My cat Krampus is doing well at home, she got 3 years old this spring. :) I wish I could see her and my family a bit more often. At least she's doing good, she's just as mischievous and playful as before and it's always fun to see and cuddle her when we are visiting there. A lot of people including the postman seem to like her lacking a tail a lot. xD
As for our dwarf hamster Cocoball, she is also doing well. Her terrarium is currently stationed on our desks here at the new place so I get to see her shenanigans at might while I'm drawing or chatting. Around the end of summer/beginning of autumn she will become 1 years old. Hopefully she will have a long and happy life!

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:II. About DA groups:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Attention, shameless advertisment ahead for the -The PKMN-Prism cheap publicity contest-

There is a neat Pokémon themed RP/Art group :iconpkmn-prism: that will launch soon. Unlike some other, Pokémon gijinka focused groups I am currently part of, this one is focusing on Pokémon trainers and them exploring a new (fan made) region, catch Pokémon, fight the Gym leaders and with some luck get to challenge the Elite 4 as well as the region's champion! Sort of like the games, except here you draw everything. The group is also founded/moderated by some friends of mine who are awesome peeps. If you like RP/Art Groups and Pokémon, make sure to check it out!

I have prepared a trainer for the group as well, can't wait to start his adventure :D

//shameless advertisment

For the other groups I can't say much right now. *pokerface* Let me try to gather my thoughts xD

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:III. About art projects and commissions:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Commissions are still closed until I can finally finish the ones I have still. If I have an unfinished commission business with you and we haven't talked about it since at least a month ago, please send me a note and don't be shy to change the theme of the commission since a lot of time went by and you may have different interests now. The themes of the commissions can be changed anytime until I start the inking phase.

Other than commissions, let's see...

The Future of Kindgoms. No visible updates but I keep working on the project from time to time. The biggest change that happened lately was me redesigning some of the important Zhon characters (or more like, their races) who will appear at the beginning of the story. If I get some colored pictures of these new designs, I will definitely post them on DA. :3

Unnamed story - I've been pondering about a 100% original (well, as in not based on any game/anime/whatever like TFoK) story lately, using mostly recycled ideas of mine. I have yet to find a title for it but thus far it seems to be fun. It is a story that works as a one shot/short story, but can be easily turned into a long story if there is enough interest for it. Sooner or later I will post some artworks about the characters. Maybe. //shot

Other than these hmmm..... I have a new Digimon OC :> I will post some drawings about him and his digimon partner very soon. Boy, I am in such a Digimon-craze lately xD
Until then have some GIFs I have made today about Hades the Gazimon and my new char's partner, Muchomon (Actually, I just want to see what they look like in a journal since they have transparent backgrounds xD)


*insert that cute sound digimon make when they walk/run here*

*trot trot trot*


:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:IV. About gaming:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Nothing much to say here either. I enjoy GW2 but nothing really happened lately that keeps me active there these days, but I am keeping my eyes on the updates. Pokemon Y - I freakin love it, still. Don't have much time to play it lately though. Sims 3 - I started to play it a bit lately after the latest Sims 4 news got me stoked. That game looks sooooo fun, I can't wait to spend hours creating characters and then building and furnishing houses xD Also, I am hoping for Digimon Re:Digitize DECODE (3DS) to get localized in NA and Europe. That game looks too good to pass. Same for the new Monster Hunter games that are PC compatible. They better be available for us and without a monthly fee!

Hmm I guess that's all for today. *rolls out of journal*

:bulletgreen: My GW2Guru Gallery :bulletgreen: My Facebook page :bulletgreen: [MOA] guild site :bulletgreen:


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