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Hey wonderful face Happy Valentines Day! <33333
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I finished Finn :D <3
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The art is EPIC!!!
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Sorry for the delays! I'm back. We should talk soon. ^_^
Wed Jan 18, 2012, 10:47 PM
Happy Be-lated Holiday and Birthday ^^
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Heya, Qvi! I'll be on a laptop come December. Then, we'll be able to talk about things. ^_^
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Super bass outer space in yo face! just dropping by.:nuu:
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Hi Q, just dropping by. =)
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Wedding story and other stuff

Tue Apr 14, 2015, 2:31 PM
  • Mood: Love
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Hi all!

So a lot of things happened in the last two months and only just now did I have the time to actually write a journal about stuff. But hey, this time it wasn't a year or a half, just two months, right? xD It's something!

Okay, so, exactly two months ago on Valentine's Day, my love and I got married and everything was perfect.


The days before the wedding I was really nervous, I haven't seen my fiance during the last week and everything that could go wrong (stuff like my sister's dress) did somehow go wrong. I swear I have never seen this much drama in my family, ever. On the big day's morning it seemed to only get worse but surprisingly all my worries from the previous days dissapeared without a trace. My family was in the middle of the preparation-drama and I just sat there and thought "I don't give a **** anymore. Everything will be okay." It was weird but that newfound attitude helped me xD

I only started to get nervous again once I was fully dressed, only an hour before Feri and I could meet again and the whole thing would start.
We had a civilian ceremony (?), a photo shooting, lots of dancing, a most delicious dinner, funny games to keep the guests entertained and even more dancing. We even had a candlelight waltz just before we changed into the "newlywed pair's outfits" which meant a red-white dress for me (I could barely wait to change, the wedding dress felt like it could fall apart anytime).

Many of our guests were a good way. Because you see, neither of us two are party animals. At every wedding we were invited to in the last 10 years, we kept avoiding the dance floor, kept quiet in a corner and dissapeared after the dinner, so many of our relatives and friends were expecting this to be a boring wedding where the celebrated couple stays quiet. And boy, were they wrong :D

To be correct, we were dancing till 3 AM. That day there were 3 weddings (ours included) held at the place in different buildings and ours started first AND lasted the longest. In fact, one of the musicians in good spirirts (let's just say he wasn't really thirsty :) ) from one of the other weddings joined in and danced with us because their was over already and we were still rocking it. It was funny because I was dancing with my husband and suddenly he appeared and started dancing with us. After the dance we realized he wasn't a relative of either of us and that's when we were told where he came from (turns out my father and some guests actually knew him so he wasn't trespassing). We partied and danced as much as we could and with the funny tasks that happened occasionally, the entire wedding was really enjoyable. We keep getting positive feedback from guests even two months after :)

This was the first time we stayed at a wedding till the very last minutes haha. Also, the last dance belonged to us ;) Our honeymoon is scheduled for August.

Anyhow, this was easily the most memorable and amazing day of my life. It was worth all the hassle and all the drama....and the aching feet for the next few days. Wouldn't change a thing if I could. :heart:

You can find some more photos here (I might post more later) :

I think I'll post about my bachelorette party another time XP It was quite amusing (no striptease involved lol)

Other than this, let's see what happened.... oh yeah, right after the wedding we got ill with cold and other nasties. Like, for weeks, I'm not kidding. It was always either just me, my husband or the both of us at the same time. Actually, not just us, the entire country was suffering from a flu-outbreak never before seen at the time, but by now it should be over thank goodness. Still, way to start your newlywed life, huh? xD Every time someone asked us what it feels like to be married, we just answered "We don't know yet, we are still sick so we had no time to look at what it's like.". After 10 years of being together, it's not much different btw :P

Once we were both healthy, something always came up, I have lost my job too. I was afraid it might happen but I thought it would be because I was sick for too long (even though I tried to not go on too many breaks which may or may not be the reason why I kept falling back. My also sick coworkers being around didn't help either) or that I wasn't doing a good job. Turns out they just don't have enough clients now and they cannot afford a graphics designer. I wasn't even mad or sad, afterall this meant I would finally have more freetime to draw and do other stuff.

So why wasn't I around much then you ask? Two reasons:

1, Husband had to work in another city for some weeks and so that I wouldn't be home alone all that time, I went to my parents with our hamster. I couldn't always hog a laptop there...
2, ...but mostly I was fidgeting with my 3DS anyhow. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate came out, nothing more needs to be said.

Now I seem to be able to put down the console more often though, and browsing DA has awoken my interest in adoptables again. Since the poll suggests that most of you guys aren't ineterested in them, I'll likely make a seperate account for that purpose so I wouldn't spam your inboxes with adoptable-related stuff. It will serve as a test, whether I can get into this stuff or not, this will remain my main account of course and since :iconthedigitalanomalia: will have it's next round announced in the following weeks, you can expect some drawings from me soon.

Hmmm....Nothing else journal-worthy comes to my mind at the moment. Hope you enjoyed the read/photos and it wasn't too boring!

:bulletgreen: My GW2Guru Gallery :bulletgreen: My Facebook page :bulletgreen: [MOA] guild site :bulletgreen:


You can just call me Qvi
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I am seriously considering making adoptable characters lately... (likely ranging from $5-30 but raffles and contests could happen)... Feedback in comments much appreciated! 

13 deviants said Sorry, I'm (still) not really interested in adoptables/prefer to design my own characters
3 deviants said I may be interested but it depends on the pricing
3 deviants said OTHER (or multiple answers) - I'll comment about it!
2 deviants said I may be interested but it depends on the designs/species
2 deviants said I'm interested if character references/sheets/bios/lots of details and poses are included
2 deviants said I'm interested in DRAGON-GIRLS/dudes or actual dragons
2 deviants said I'm interested in fantasy/magical beings/races/creatures (werewolves, elves, mermaids, griffins etc.)
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1 deviant said I'm interested in unique creatures/closed species that Qvi designed/made up herself
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