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November 10, 2009
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My dreams by Qvi My dreams by Qvi
Wow I am a Semi-Finalist! 8O Isn't that incredible? One step closer to my dreams :,D Thank you everyone!

My dreams I want to achieve ... crazy, aren't they? :D

Help my dreams come true! <3

If you think I deserve to win, please spread the words of my dreams through this entry and feature it in your journals -^w^-

But please don't +fav with false accounts. I'd rather lose fair than win with cheating :3

Thank you ~

edit: I removed my signature from the right bottom just to make sure that nothing is against the rules :3

Okay, here's some more explanation for each in case someone would be interested :B

Japan: A must-do. I'd love to take part at a summer festival, catch goldfishes, browse the vendors, watch the fireworks... that and once be there when the cherry trees are blossoming :D ... and just in general I want to see many places there and experience the beauty of Japan.

University: A have to-do XD lol ... well since I'm already in it, I should get out if it too....with good results and a nice degree of course...

Manga-ka: A pretty big dream that I also take seriously. I want to achieve something big. I want to publish a lot of mangas and make people smile and laugh with them :) I want that profession with every pros and cons <3

TA:K and TFoK: Those who know me probably know that TFoK (The Future of Kingdoms) is my masterpiece, my web-manga, my precious little baby <3 A story that never gets old and boring, a story for everyone. A story that was based on a computer game XD (Total Annihilation: Kingdoms) ... So if I want to publish TFoK in the future (legally of course), I'll need the rights of the game... Stupid dream you might say since I could just change the names and all and it'll be original. Naw... TFoK is as it is and won't change. It wouldn't be the same story again. So I rather pay a bunch of money for the rights XD at least I hope I'll get the chance for it...

Marriage: Kind of obvious <3 <3 <3

Corgi: ...I never had a puppy/dog in my life... I grew up without one... and I always wanted to have one D,8 ... so in the future when I'll have my own family/house, I'll definately get a puppy...and not just any kind of puppy but a welsh corgi! Yusss! I totally fell in love with that breed <3 And I'll do everything in order to get one (legally of course XD).

Friends: During these years at dA, msn and a bunch of other programs/games/sites I managed to meet hundreds of great friends :D I'm afraid I won't be able to meet every one of them, but I would still give it a try and travel around the world to see cool places and meet my friends in real life :3 If only I wouldn't have that awful airplane-phobia...

Family: Kind of obvious and general... If this alone (of course with the wedding) will happen only, I'll be still the happiest crazy artist of the world <3 Also, don't ask me why TWINs... I'd like to know that too... <_<'
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Mioatsuyi Feb 23, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
this is the most adorable thing I saw on DA.
mewmewlover123 Sep 21, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
that is a amazing dream :D
Can you draw picture of yourself imaging of being pregnant and wearing a bikini at the beach?
Can you suggest a less weird image to imagine? <_<'
Instead wearing a bikini, How about a spring shirt and shrort to wear as pregnant.
Is that a good idea?
How about not making me try and imagine and draw myself as pregnant? X,D
Ok. No pregnant then.
KimeraOokami Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish you luck with your dreams.
YuiHarunaShinozaki Dec 20, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is alot of dreams everyone will have :)
Szia Timi! :) Nagyon tetszenek a képeid, végignéztem egy csomót! :D Nagyon ügyes és tehetséges vagy tényleg! Mind közül ez tetszett a legjobban! :) Örülök, hogy ilyen álmaid vannak és szerintem teljesülni is fognak! :) Csak így tovább! :D
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